Thursday, March 05, 2009

Onset Technology Lands $3 Million in Funding - Waltham, MA

Onset Technology, a Waltham-based developer of software that helps companies comply with regulatory requirements for monitoring and archiving wireless messages, said that it has secured $3 million in a new round of funding, led by the Cedar Fund. The Challenge Fund and Jerusalem Global Ventures also participated. The 12-year-old company said that it will use the proceeds to bolster its research and development activity, expand its support for BlackBerry smartphones and introduce new versions of its software for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Onset's tools allow companies to scan, block and archive all wireless communications, helping them stay in compliance with regulations from the SEC and NASD, as well as federal rules such as Sarbanes-Oxley.


Blogger Martyn said...

Capital markets are unstable. In the past there was no way to make them stable. But today we have computer power that can be used to make them stable. By using the greater computer power of today we can have a much higher turn over of capital in the capital market. This higher turnover will make the market harder to game or control and the market will no longer have the unstable run ups or declines. Who can change or control the market when say 20% of the capital is trading each day? So now that we have the compute power to provide for all these transactions that will smooth out the market how do we force people to turn over at a rate of 20% a day? Easy, put a cap gains tax of 0% (zero) on all gains of 7 days or less and put a cap gains tax of 90% of all gains of more than 7 days. The likes of Yahoo, Micosoft and/or Sun Micro Systems will give us the systems that will provide automated software agents to support turning over one's investments every 7 days (based on the specs you give the agent). A system like this will make the financial markets work as smoothly as the local fruit market.

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