Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ember Corp. Raises $8 Million in Venture Capital - Boston, MA

Ember Corp., a Boston-based provider of wireless sensor and control network technologies that support energy efficiency improvements for businesses, homes, and the utilities, announced on Monday that it has raised an additional $8 million in venture capital from a group of investors. Founded in 2001, Ember offers chips, software and tools that help consumers, businesses and utilities to better manage energy resources and save costs. Ember’s low-power networking technology was conceived in MIT’s Media Labs in the late 1990s. Investors in the company include Polaris Venture Partners, GrandBanks Capital, RRE Ventures, Vulcan Capital, DFJ ePlanet Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures, WestLB Mellon Asset Management, Chevron Technology Ventures, Stata Venture Partners, STMicroelectronics, Hitachi Corporation and MIT.


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